Conferences on cultural heritage
We are good at opening minds, raising controversial heritage debate, and offering solutions. We are speakers that can help create cultural change. We also highlight ethical gaps in terms of the legislation that protects cultural heritage so that can be exposed to be solved.
Underwater technology consultancy
We are the link between your technology and the users in underwater cultural heritage arenas. We also work as a consultancy to help you to adapt your products to this specific field
Climate change policymakers
We investigate the consequences of climate change on cultural heritage and create protocols of performance. We write reports and heritage impact studies. We also work to create a partnership between natural and cultural resources.
Governments and public sector
We find the possible gaps in the legislation that protects cultural heritage. We evaluate and analyse those gaps in order to help create legislative reform. Our aim is to protect cultural heritage (both on land and underwater) of all its possible threats, limiting its use by creating necessary protocols and covering all interpretations of legal instruments.
Marine exploration private companies
We believe in dialogue based on certain common values of preservation of cultural heritage. We offer archaeological, managerial, and legal expertise for dealing with cultural heritage and build bridges with governments, museums, and heritage organisations so that cultural heritage remains beneficial for all.
Ancient lead users
We break through the barriers of use of cultural heritage. We believe that, by creating protocols of justified use, companies undertaking experiments can use part of an already analysed lead in order to perform experiments that can be beneficial for humanity. We find lead that has already been recorded and analysed and we find agreements that can be beneficial both for users and for the museums that are offering the lead.
Maritime heritage managers
We offer solutions for making underwater cultural heritage accessible to the public. We also create stories to make maritime heritage appealing for and understood by all. We work on making maritime heritage enjoyable by all, but also protect it to avoid its destruction. We offer ideas on subaquatic parks and underwater museum technology.
We work on exhibition content and dissemination of information. We aim for the public to understand the importance of our cultural heritage. We foster innovation and believe in old and new formulas to reach our audience. We create catalogues to help people understand what heritage is.
Construction companies
We offer legal and management consultation in terms of when construction companies find cultural heritage or archaeological human remains. We evaluate the origin of the human remains and give advice on the best procedures to follow.
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