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These are our values

Licit Cultural Heritage Ltd works to protect cultural heritage but to ensure it is accesible to all. Our company deals with ethical issues in terms of cultural heritage management and applies legal protocols to create bridges between use and preservation.


Licit Cultural Heritage Ltd deals with all issues that relate to underwater cultural heritage: its uses other than preservation (such as for medicine, microelectronics, or particle physics experiments), its management in terms of the future threat of climate change, or ethical issues that arise from human remains in shipwrecks.


This business has been created to fill the gap in the market in terms of communication between heritage and other fields such as science, construction, or nature conservation. We believe that heritage can be beneficial for other disciplines others than heritage and that other disciplines can protect heritage.


We offer what nobody in our field does: we offer solutions. As underwater cultural heritage experts, we understand the importance of preserving our heritage, studying it, and managing it for the benefit of all. As legal consultants, we understand the legal procedures that protect cultural heritage. We draft legal documents and create protocols of intervention. Finally, we offer solutions that can be beneficial both for your business and for the preservation of underwater cultural heritage.


Land heritage requires rising ethical considerations, making it sometimes difficult to manage. Issues such as climate change (i.e. what is going to happen to cities when they get flooded because of climate change), archaeological human remains found on construction sites, or the use of church lead roofs for microelectronic business.


Our company explores each one of these cases (among others) in order to create bridges between the different users of cultural heritage. With protection and study as our first goal, we offer solutions and advice on the necessary legal considerations for dealing with cultural heritage.


We are unique because we consider other disciplines in the context of cultural heritage. We explore solutions to make the importance of heritage understood by all. We do so by creating frameworks to respect it and finding solutions to use it. We advise about its management and its exhibition.

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